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(You'll thank me later.)So, you got rejected by a total stranger on the Internet. There are millions of virtual fish in the sea, which means you have to catch and release a few sh*tty ones every now and then.

No matter how many failed dates you go on, or how many follow-up texts you never receive, the important thing to remember is there will be more options.

The whole experience is a chance to meet a lot of great new people, go on a ton of dates and keep yourself busy.

Every bad date is a learning experience, and eventually you’ll have a firm grasp on what exactly you want in a partner.

Attraction is necessary in any relationship, so trust your gut!

Online dating headlines are pretty much important in attracting people to click into your profile.

Aside from your profile pictures, it does the wonders as well.

A lot of times, you’ll want to swap phone numbers during the pre-meetup process, but it’s totally unnecessary.

Emailing is all you need, and prematurely exchanging digits could potentially cause a bunch of awkwardness down the line. You go home, contemplate what just happened, go to bed and wake up to 15 text messages. Now, you’re stuck turning the person down through email text.

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