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One way might work for one person, and another might work for another person.

In my case, since I’m enjoying everything I do while having a great time when I go out…

When your number one priority is to have fun, then sharing those good vibes with attractive women will come naturally.

The billionaire, Charlie Munger, once said in a speech, Meaning that things aren’t always right, nor are they always wrong.

Do you think he knew what to say before walking up, after I had already been talking to her? He did not plan his approach, or how he was going to carry the conversation.

That said, I’ve seen so many guys waste their time obsessing over the proper way to approach a girl.

Almost like you’re only talking to her because you accidentally ran into her.

Here’s my highly controversial answer to this question, and it’s guaranteed to be something that you probably never been taught…

So the best answer for how to approach a girl is, “whichever way actually gets you to approach her…” At the end of the day, she’s not going to dislike you because of what you opened the conversation with. -Patrick James Patrick James is the coach and creator of #Raw Dating Advice.Sometimes the landing will be bumpy, and sometimes it will be smooth, but either way as long as you stick it out, you will likely land that plane safely.This is why I always recommend that you take imperfect action, read the situation, and go from there…The funny thing is, after I talked to her for 30 seconds, my client came up and joined the conversation.At which point I introduced them two, and they ended up talking all night.

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    Indeed, the concept enjoyed such strong popularity and intuitive appeal that no one bothered to check the facts.