Teen sexuality websites

Sex, ETC In this website for teens and by teens, read about other teens’ stories related to pregnancy, drugs, relationships, birth control and more. Sex Info Online (University of California, Santa Barbara) A website devoted to comprehensive sex education based on the best research we have to date.

Teens Health: Sexual Health Learn the facts about sexual health with articles about puberty, menstruation, infections, and just about everything else you wanted to know, for guys and girls. The site is maintained by university students from the University of California, Santa Barbara who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality.

Teen Talk Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s website provides comprehensive sex education information specifically for teens.

Go Ask Alice Check out Alice’s answers to all types of health questions related to sexual health, sexual orientation, emotional health, relationships and dating. In the Mix, the national award-winning TV series for teens and by teens, brings you all of it… Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (Re CAPP) Re CAPP is an on-line resource for edcators that provides practical tools and information to reduce sexual risk-taking behaviors.

The American Social Health Association (ASHA) The American Social Health Association is dedicated to improving the health of individuals, families, and communities, with a focus on preventing sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs/STIs) and their harmful consequences.

This extensive and organized website provides facts about HIV/STDs as well as information about programs, condom use animations, resources, and legislative advocacy.

Furthermore, this site provides links to useful and relevant multimedia such as facebook and myspace.

RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.656.

Advocates for Youth Like our site, advocates for youth is dedicated towards improving the sexual health and awareness of the under-25 crowd.

While iwannaknow focuses on the needs and problems of the individual, advocates for youth extends the knowledge to society as a whole.

They have volunteers in over 80 countries and provide an extensive website for young people on HIV and AIDS.

They also broadcast live webcasts of HIV Awareness events throughout the world.

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