All of his teammates would be looking at his bare ass cheeks framed by the straps of his jock.

Coach would then stand to the side of the boy and raise his paddle high over his shoulder swing it down delivering a very hard swat on the boy’s bare cheeks – WHACK!!!

At his school, athletics was very important and he told me that the parents were on-board with their sons being paddled by the coaches to instill discipline and encourage them to do their best athletically (but also academically – because if you don’t make the grades, you don’t play ball).

I was surprised when he told me that the parents signed permission slips for the boys to be paddled bare-ass (usually while wearing a jockstrap but not always) He said it was because of the athletic excellence that the community had come to expect of the school and the parents were all for it (the school’s football team was in the championship game almost every year).

We chatted a lot and he gave me a lot of details about paddlings he gave to the high school athletes on his teams.He explained to the coach that being on the team was the only reason that his son even wanted to be in school; and he was afraid that the boy would drop out of school if he were kicked off the baseball team. He wasn’t a good enough baseball player to get any scholarship offers from any colleges – and his grades and test scores probably wouldn’t have been high enough if he had gotten an offer.He told the coach that he was not asking for his son to not be punished for his screw up – but just that Coach punish him in some way besides kicking him off the team. So that summer, Bobby started looking for a job – but good jobs weren’t plentiful for 18 years old guys with no experience.The school policies required the same average for all extra-curricular activities whether it was athletics, band, cheerleading, etc. For each D the player would get 3 licks and for each F he would get 5 licks. uniform – which consisted of t-shirt, gym shorts, jockstrap, white socks and athletic shoes.(but the band director and cheerleader sponsor didn’t request midpoint status reports like the coaches). during the last period of the day – so that they could continue practice after school during their sport season. The coach’s paddle was solid oak, made from the top of an old desk by the school custodian – the dimensions were 24 inches long (including the 7 inch handle, blade was 17 inches), 4 inches wide, and ½ inch thick. The teachers did not distribute midpoint reports to the students and some didn’t really keep up with their own grade status – so a lot of the athletes were nervous about whether or not they would be getting paddled.

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