Smart women dating

Maybe it’s a matter of being gullible, or it’s just one of those old ideas that has no empirical or anecdotal evidence to back it up, but just seems like it makes sense.

It’s funny to think about, at best, and is probably a result of characters we see in movies or TV shows, where the beautiful blonde is portrayed as being dumb or not quite as smart as the rest of the people around her.

If you have a healthy level of self-confidence, you’ll understand why a girl with a brain is better, and you’ll actually seek them out.

You might even forgo an easy lay because the conversation wasn’t stimulating.

There is still a primal element to being with a woman, and physical attraction will never go away (thank god), but the luxury of being a human being is that we have access to complex ideas and emotions.

It would seem that way, but when you actually go out with a lot of different girls, you’ll find that the opposite is true.Feel things out, and try to form a bond no matter what from the beginning.If you find that she’s not your type, then respectfully move on.There are just as many dumb guys as girls out there, and the theory being discussed goes both ways.Don’t expect to get a girl interested in you if you can’t hold a conversation with at least some topics that make the two of you think.

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