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He's a great presenter, he's won a BAFTA for his writing and I think that people maybe don't realise what a great actor he is in a theatre context. He deserves all the praise that he's getting.'Theatregoers have failed to notice, proving that Richard has nailed the accent.

'It's really nice that when I go to the stage door, the Americans usually never have any clue that I'm English.

So in my finishing position, I looked out and saw Hugh Jackman's picture directly in front of me, so I knew that that's where he'd be that night.

It was just a totally surreal experience.'And Richard's American transition has been made easier by his Canadian leading lady, Caissie.

A big talking point is all of the technology used in the show.

It's not arbitrary, the projections and illusions and how the set moves.It's a testament to the strength of the writing and the story that people love so much.In rehearsals, I remember at the very beginning that I couldn't stop looking at him when he was delivering a line to me.You've had some technical mishaps - were there "Spider-Man"-like delays or injuries? The risk factors in the two different sets are wildly different.I wouldn't even compare our show to "Spider-Man" - but because we're the two most technologically advanced and most commercial shows on Broadway right now, people like to dig in on that.

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