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For example in a 1969 article, volcanic rock from Mt.

Rangitoto in New Zealand gave potassium-argon ages of hundreds of thousands of years, but trees destroyed by the lava gave carbon-14 ages of hundreds of years.

RADIOMETRIC DATING WORKS Geology observations about the relation between different rocks can give relative ages, but radiometric dating is the primary method for giving absolute ages. During a certain length of time called a half-life, half of the radioactive parent atoms in a sample decay to stable daughter atoms.

The number of both parent and daughter atoms are measured and the higher the daughter/parent ratio, the older the sample.

Perhaps the biggest reason is because of evil: how long can I put off dying? We have a limited endurance for boredom or pain, so before the use of anesthesia, the best surgeons were the quickest.

If Bilbo couldn’t give the right answer, it would lead to grave consequences, so as Gollum was getting impatient, Bilbo tried to say, “Give me more time; give me more time.” However, he was so scared that all that came out of his mouth was “… So, why are people so interested in the topic of time? Humans have a limited lifespan to get things done, so we try to synchronize schedules in order not to waste time.

With a half-life of about 5000 years, it is mainly useful for archaeology and not expected to give reliable ages beyond about ten half-lives or about 50,000 years.

(b) Rubidium decaying to strontium, potassium decaying to argon, uranium and thorium decaying to lead, and [sometimes] samarium decaying to neodymium are used to date inorganic minerals and rocks.

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Using the current understanding of radiometric dating, it is difficult to fit the data into a one-year flood a few thousand years ago; however, creationists have given a number of responses that are here divided into eight categories: (1) The radiometric age data is bad.

Seventh-day Adventists show their great interest in time by having it as part of their name, referring to a recent seven-day creation in the past and a soon-coming advent of Christ in the future.

Within this philosophical and theological context of time, the next sections discuss geological time as determined by radiometric dating: (1) how the technique works well and (2) some young-earth creationist responses.

For example, loss or gain of parent or daughter atoms might be expected if the sample shows signs of mechanical breakdown, chemical weathering, or metamorphic high pressures and temperatures.

Following are three of the many reasons that scientists put confidence in radiometric dates: (1) Decay rates appear to be constant.

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