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that featured in the court cases between neighbours mentioned above.From the river bank a gentle rise led to the manor house on the top of the hillock where there also was a yard flanked by two outbuildings, and some farmhouses a small distance.The Skarbeks came to live here with five small children, Kasper's sister in law and her two underage daughters.

After that, the village disappears from the historians' horizon for over a hundred years. The Swedish invasion led by Gustav Adolf sealed the fate of the estate and in 1661 it was taken over by Olbracht Adrian Lasocki who married Agnieszka, neé Brochowska.

Finally, lets us mention Ignacy Plichta who was a local judge in Sochaczew and adjudicated in numerous litigious matters concerning the local estates.

In later years, for his impeccable service, he was promoted to the post of judge in the Court of Appeal and then to the Supreme Court in Warsaw.

On its banks, the marshy land is covered with luxuriant meadows, cut across by country roads, and lined with rows of crooked willow trees.

Each season of the year brings changes to the appearance of that patch of Poland.

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