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It’s good news that there is still a small population of threatened sturgeon in the Grand.However, currently they lack ideal habitat and are blocked by dams from reaching a geologically unique, expansive (historic spawning) reef of exposed bedrock found between the 6th St dam and Ann St.There will be new, safer river recreation opportunities, and we anticipate the new sport of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) to become quite popular, as well.This project has the potential to do for outdoor urban recreation what the Calder did for art in our community. They can live over 100 years and can reach 6 feet in length.

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However, they may appear to be so natural that you won’t know if they were designed for paddling or for holding fish.

No change in flows or velocity would be experienced by rowers downstream.

In 2011, GRWW received an EPA grant through the Grand Valley Metro Council to have the sediment sampled and analyzed.

Returning the historic rapids and restoring river connectivity would provide sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits.

The project has moved up river toward the recently discovered head of the original rapids just south of Ann St.

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