Free live text chatting direct dinner and a movie is the deer urine of dating

That box always remains in sight and can be accessed with just a single click.

Then, after the conversation is done, your customers can leave feedback and grade their experience with your agent.

If you’re unable to chat for any reason, offline messages are sent direct to your inbox.

Similarly, if a visitor leaves the chat, you can continue the conversation via email.

Chats are handled from a tab, which is accessed right from your Word Press dashboard.

However, if you want to crank the personal touch up a notch, nothing beats live chat.

The free version of Tidio allows you to have one agent and one chat open, with no other restrictions.

Additional agents are added from /month, which also enables unlimited concurrent chats and automatic messages.

This goes both for your website visitors/customers and you (your agents).

On the customer side, Live Chat greets people with a nice chat box at the bottom of the page.

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