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This is, essentially, what the Brits call getting the “royal treatment…” You just look at the picture, point to what approximates the content of your toilet bowl, and your doctor tells you whether your type is good or bad… I provide a detailed explanation, and what to do to get your own type in order on this page.

Also, if you are a parent or a guardian of a young child, use this chart to fix minor problems well before they become a major headache for you and a source of life-long trouble for your child. Bristol stool form scale You just look at a simple chart, point to what approximates the content of your toilet bowl, and your doctor (or this page) tells you whether the form is right or wrong.

It helps skittish patients and doctors to distinguish normal stools from abnormal without getting embarrassed over personal details.

Transcript The normality of ones' stools is determined by comparing them to the Bristol Stool Form scale, or the BSF scale for short.

Adding supplemental fiber to expel these stools is dangerous, because the expanded fiber has no place to go, and may cause hernia, obstruction, or perforation of the small and large intestine alike. » Type 5: Soft blobs with clear-cut edges I consider this form ideal.

» Type 3: Like a sausage but with cracks in the surface This form has all of the characteristics of Type 2 stools, but the transit time is faster, between one and two weeks. It is typical for a person who has stools twice or three times daily, after major meals. » Type 6: Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool This form is close to the margins of comfort in several respects.

The lumps are hard and abrasive, the typical diameter ranges from 1 to 2 cm (0.4–0.8”), and they‘re painful to pass, because the lumps are hard and scratchy.

The possibility of obstruction of the small intestine is high, because the large intestine is filled to capacity with stools. » Type 4: Like a sausage or snake, smooth and soft This form is normal for someone defecating once daily. The larger diameter suggests a longer transit time or a large amount of dietary fiber in the diet.

In such cases as acute hemorrhoidal disease, anal fissure, or the inability to attain unassisted stools, loose stools (type 6) are acceptable. That's, unfortunately, the nature of the beast — as the years pass, colorectal disorders related to abnormal stools become more severe, and the damage— irreversible!

It‘s a messy experience, but which would you rather have — a bucketful of blood, pain, and a wound that won‘t heal, or a little lukewarm douche afterwards? Strange, but true — the content of your toilet bowl predicts your future with more certainty than a crystal ball.

Typical for post-antibiotic treatments and for people attempting fiber-free (low-carb) diets.

Flatulence isn‘t likely, because fermentation of fiber isn‘t taking place. This type is the most destructive by far because its size is near or exceeds the maximum opening of the anal canal‘s aperture (3.5 cm).

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