Enfj dating infp

Catching a play by an amateur theatrical group or attending writers’ workshop could be enjoyable ways to spend an evening with your ENFJ partner.

Even story-telling session for kids at your neighborhood library or a visit to the arts museum could be a pleasant way to pass time for you both together.

In fact you may find your ENFJ partner often talking about other people in their lives and sharing their insights about people, their emotions and motivations.

So when dating an ENFJ, try to think of activities in which she can indulge their verbal dexterity and inter-personal skills.

ENFJs are quickly able to make people around them feel at ease and then help them to express their emotions, thoughts and plans.

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But then try to remember that ENFJs thrive best under pleasant and harmonious conditions and one important way in which they go about seeking this is by receiving constant and meaningful affirmation from their partners.They are apt to take any remark about their performance or appearance very personally and can become highly emotional and even quite harsh when their feelings are hurt.So when you feel you need to discuss an issue, take care to avoid an accusatory stance.However this excessive emotional investment in a relationship may often become overwhelming so that their partner may feel smothered at times by too much attention or repeated questions of what how they are feeling and what they are thinking.At such times, you need to have patience with your ENFJ mate and realize that the health and mutual satisfaction of a close relationship is an important source of self-validation for them.

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