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I think smiling and a slight playfulness would be best. From day one, medical students are taught that their primary obligation is to patients. Eddingfield was not considered obligated to provide care for Ms. Budge refused to treat it because the patient had unpaid bills.But defining who their patients are is another matter. Burk because “the State does not require, and the [medical] licensee does not engage, that he will practice at all or on other terms than he may choose to accept” [1]. Budge told the patient to go to a nearby hospital [2].Who counts as a patient is a complex legal question that has major implications for determining when a physician has a duty to treat, when a physician can be sued for malpractice, when a physician has “abandoned” a patient, and other serious matters. The court distinguished doctors from innkeepers who are required to serve anyone who comes to their door. The hospital physician immediately operated, but the hand was eventually amputated [2].I really feel there is a mutual chemistry there, but am afraid to say or do anything about it.I am trying to find a way to let him know I am open to a personal relationship after the doctor-patient relationship ends.I was once so overly cautious and stupid that I guessed—without researching it, I might add—that doctors were ethically prohibited from pursuing romantic relationships with any patient, current or former.

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This article will explore a number of important legal cases that have helped to define the patient-physician relationship generally, as well as some key exceptions to the general rule. Budge at the first visit because it is “well settled that a physician or surgeon, upon undertaking an operation or other case, is under the duty, in the absence of an agreement limiting the service, of continuing his attention…so long as the case requires attention” [2]. The physician had never seen or treated Daisy Childs. Weis told the patient she needed to go to her own physician in Dallas. The court stated that “a physician is not to be held liable for arbitrarily refusing to respond to a call of a person even urgently in need of medical…assistance provided that the relation of physician and patient does not exist” [3]. The neurosurgeon examined the patient and recommended that she be admitted but said that surgery was not needed [4].

I met those patients in the ER, so they were minutes away from being ex-patients. You don't know how much your surgeon knows about the ethical guidelines governing physician-patient romance. Your surgeon may be as uninformed as I was about this topic, so you cannot assume that he will make the first overt move if his seeming affection is real. However, if you wish to maximize your chance of success, there is something that you must do.

In retrospect, I probably could have called them or sent a note afterward, but instead I chose the safer alternative and went back to playing with my transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, capacitors, inductors, resistors, and other gizmos. For heaven's sake, I graduated in the top 1% of my class in medical school and could tell you things about parts of your body you don't even know you have, yet I didn't know the first thing about something that mattered much more to me: if a woman who looked like a Swedish model basically threw herself at me and hugged me for the better part of an hour (it really happened; I recounted this story in ) . One important preface or addendum will make him much more likely to say yes.

A friend told me I am suffering from transference, but I don't think so. He would sit in my room and chat about non-medical things.

I also notice his voice gets very soft and higher pitched when he is up close.

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