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With this view, there are now many on the list that may not seem very notable or famous, but the list is now being used as a starting point by many researchers, so we include such names with these researchers in mind. Opposed Federation Best remembered for land reform and in particular the Robertson Land Acts of 1861, which sought to open up the selection of Crown land and break the monopoly of the squatters.

Premier of South Australia three times, MLA MLC Hart's Mill (1855) and the Adelaide Milling Company flour mill (c.1890) are prominent landmarks adjacent to the southern wharf of the Inner Harbour at Port Adelaide Premier Tasmania (1884 - 1886), MLA MLC, one of the founders of the Anti-Transportation League.

The real future value of the list might be to social historians examining how membership of the Craft influenced some of the great men recorded below, especially how being Freemasons may have affected how they interacted with each other and society.

This topic is yet to be meaningfully examined in an Australian context. President Local Branch Irish (National) League from 1864 until 1865 Led squatter protest against Governor Gipps' attempt to restrict expansion beyond boundaries of location in North-West in 1838.

Never keen to simply duplicate web content from other web sites on our site This list has been compiled over years and is always evolving. For some time, references were not recorded, but as the list grew, it was realized it could become an authoritative and comprehensive record of Australian Freemasons.

It is now the most authoritative and comprehensive list of Australian Freemasons on the web and a useful resource for researchers.

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of Australia, elected to the First Federal Parliament of Australia, at 72, oldest elected member of MLA.Also great location to access: Public Transport, Pubs, Restaurants, Supermarkets. , Ryals Serviced Apartments - Camperdown offers accommodations in Sydney. Every unit is fitted with a private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer. Readers should note names have only been included when the source of the same was considered reliable.Unfortunately, not all of those named have reflected the greatest credit on our Craft, but the test for inclusion is reasonable proof of membership, not subjective opinion on their actions or the lives they led.

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