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Now she is really going to tease you until you cum. She uses it on Zazie's cast -- not on her exposed privates.... At some point during this clip Zasie stopped acting begged for it to stop and then just gave into the feeling as the teasing got serious...In fact she has a game for you and wants you to play along as she gets you hornier and hornier by showing off her cast and wiggling and splaying her exposed toes while she tells you how nice your dick will feel between her cast and warm leg. Tonight it's the newer patient Zazie who's been laid up for a couple of weeks already. Zazie can feel the vibrations through the cast as she plays with herself and she is so horny wants to feel it right on her honey pot but the night nurse teases, knowing Zazie can do nothing, The vibrator lands and vibrates everywhere but on the exposed triangle between her casted legs... This a a *VERY* sensuous clip of a very pretty casted girl guaranteed to get you off.

She also has a dark woolly cast sock on as well which she can only fit over the front of the cast because of the heel bar.

If you follow her rules exactly and cum on queue she'll play with you again. that's the last time she will play this game with you! finally when Zazie can't take it anymore and she is begging for it the vibrator land on target and hits "the spot". We got excited just putting together the previews, We rate this one a most definite "must see".

This girl really knows how to cure a case of blue balls, and we're sure you'll be coming on queue to her commands more often then not as you watch her tease you you with her cast and exposed toes over and over again. Zazie SHS Caught in the Act and Vibrator Teased to Orgasm (English) It's a service the night nurse discreetly provides for her twenty-something patients in the orthopedic ward... when she hears a girl playing with herself she comes in with the big gun... Verawonder LLC Casted Patient Foot Worshipped to mutual Toe Sucking by the Night Nurse (English) Pretty Verawonder is recovering the hospital with a broken leg in a cast. What she is ignorant of is that the night nurse has a thing for soft ticklish soles and very long toes.

So she finally pulls the annoying sock off about four months in and her BFF helps her rub the dirt off her exposed toes - she also can't help tickling her exposed sole while she is at it.

After voguing a bit for some phone pics her friend suggests they hang out down by the shoreline.

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